Nepenthes, Gestalt, and Delirium Railway

Welcome. NG&DR once named a garden railway, which now is defunct. The name now refers to this website: a virtual railway with the primary function of hosting various items, mainly miniature railway oriented.

This site has a lot of images on it; and some browsers do not handle these in a user-friendly way. If you use AOL or Internet Explorer you may need to zoom down to 20% or thereabouts, and then the text is tiny. The newer browsers, such as Firefox, Chrome, and Safari work nicely, as do phones, tablets, etc.

These are articles on this site.
  • The Railway
    Descriptions of the NG&DR.
  • A Portable Railway
    The lack of a railway caused me to design a make a replacement for the NG&DR. This replacement is portable and configurable.
  • Trains Special to Me
    I grew up with steam-powered trains. Those of us who knew them as day-to-day parts of life are disappearing, rapidly and permanently. I have modelled some trains, real and fictional. Herein are some descriptions of those models as they ran on the NG&DR but now run where the opportunity arises.
  • Clockwork
    Experiments extending the run capability of small scale wind up locomotives.
  • Display Modules
    A system of stackable storage cases for displaying treasured or valuable items.
  • Radio Control Installation
    Installing regulator remote control on a Gauge1 locomotive with not much room available.
  • GRS Pannier Tank
    Re-working a Gauge3 steam locomotive that had design problems. The re-work improved performance considerably.
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