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The club has the use of a portable railway built by one of our members. This railway and its operators are available for shows, fairs, and other events, with the objective of mutual enjoyment.

The railway takes two to three hours to set-up and two hours to take down; so it is not really a one day item. Mostly, in the past, we have set up on Friday for a week-end event, and taken down on Sunday, (which makes for a long day 8-). We can operate indoors or outdoors; shade is appreciated for outdoors operation. We can handle rain; although rain might limit the trains we run. Some of the rolling stock is made of wood, which rain can damage. If you have interest in hosting the railway at your event, then please do contact us to discuss possibilities: info@dasss.club.

The sketch below gives overall dimensions of the railway. There is some flexibility: the track can be sited along a wall or in a corner; obviously this restricts viewing access.

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