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The Denver Area Small Scale Steamers (DASSS) is an organization of steam engine enthusiasts; mainly, we run miniature steam railway locomotives.

But other steam engines are of interest too, usually these are stationary engines such as miniature beam engines. But they might be on full-size heritage railways, or in a museum.

We are a new club, although many of our members have been active in this hobby for years. Our purpose is to encourage and enable small scale live-steam activities in the Denver area. Our city has over three million inhabitants, and we believe that many of these people would enjoy miniature steam engines if they were aware of our hobby. Our objective is to facilitate access to what is available. Advice and hands-on help are our mechanisms.

Some members have railways in their gardens. Also, we have use of a portable railway, which is erected at events in the Denver area, and which, at these events, is available for operation to anyone with a suitable locomotive or train. In passing, it is noted that we are looking for a home for our non-event activities, including a space for periodically erecting our portable railway.

The dollar cost of getting involved is like many other hobbies: a small steam locomotive costs about $500; and, at the other end, the sky is the limit. The dues for DASSS are $24 per year.

The time and energy costs are dependent on a person's propensity to addiction! If you are a maker, then steam locomotives provide wonderful opportunities for metal working. Similarly, trains require model making in wood and other materials. Track making also is a very satisfying activity; the caution here is that you might end up wanting to put a railway in your garden.

Please do look at the event and gallery pages. And for any other information contact us at

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