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Two years have elapsed since project logging was halted. The reason for the halt was a house move and consequent workshop re-construction, which interfered with everything, in life. The project itself has stumbled along and progressed considerably, particularly over the Spring of 2015. This log starts from the current position, without an attempt to provide a coherent development history of the intervening two years. However, the Module Design section below describes the current configuration of the railway modules; and it is hoped that this will provide an adequate bridge from Design Log writing.
  • Computer Modelling
    A brief description of railway design computer code output. The target initial railway to be constructed is used as the example
  • Module Design
    What a single module looks like, and other information.
  • Manufacturing
    This is the repository of manufacturing notes; and is the default place for any information that has no other home.
  • Production
    This section differs from Manufacturing above in that it documents the actual creation of twenty modules. There are some deviations from the methods described in Manufacturing; the reasons and the replacements are described. The twenty modules form the target initial railway with the addition of two straights.
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