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Operation of the Portable Railway

The railway had its first public outing on 15 October 2016; this was only the second time the whole railway had been assembled. The occasion was a chili cook-off in the community where I live; here are a few images of that day.

This is a shot of the whole railway as it was at the time: about 43ft x 32ft with just the outer gauge 1 track operational. However, there are glimpses of the incomplete outer gauge 3 track (dual with gauge 1) and the incomplete inner gauges 0 and 1 track. There is a train running in this image.

Marc Horovitz' Wrighton GER 0-6-0 with a train of Accucraft coaches.

An Aster Schools is hauling a heavy train of coaches from Accucraft and Pete Comley.

Also shown is the ground throw of the only junction constructed at the time. The black and yellow chevron marks the track that is not in use, hopefully this is obvious; the chevron flops over the other track when the junction points are changed.

Read about this Blue Coal Train here.

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